New Jazz Record

I’m currently working on a large group album which will showcase some dense compositional material.  I’ve mostly put out small group records up to this point, but have recently wanted to write for a more thorough texture.  It’s a very cinematic project.  Most of the songs have been captured from dreams. That is in the sense that I have a very particular image or story for each composition. Very exciting for me!  There will be a minimum of sax solos haha!  Although I can’t resist one or two.

Also, I’ve got a Jazz record that I’ve yet to release.  I put out a few tracks some time ago, but there is a whole album of material that hasn’t been heard.  I’m going to have it mixed and formally introduced sometime this summer.  It has a couple of my more recent compositions for small group and then a collection of my favorite Thelonious Monk songs.  Also, I play a Duke Ellington piece called “Wig Wise,” from the great album, “Money Jungle.”  All the songs are favorites of mine and have been stuck in my ear for many years.  Except of course my new songs!  They are quite fresh.

Gigs at the Famous continue every Monday night!  We’ve been playing our asses off!  Here’s a nice shot of myself and Dave Tranchina getting busy.